Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Cost And Examples

Refinish Your Cabinets For Only $45/sq ft

It’s fairly simple to figure your square footage. In the example shown, we will calculate the square footage for each section and then add them together. Section #1 is 70″ wide and 32″ high. If we multiply 70 x 32 we get 2,240 square inches. In order to convert this to square feet, we divide by 144, which gives us 15.5 square feet.

Section # 2 is 30″ wide and 84″ high. We multiply 30 x 84 to get 2,520 square inches. Divide this by 144 to get 17.5 square feet.

We add the two sections together to get the total square feet. 15.5 + 17.5 = 33 sq ft. This is then multiplied by $45 to give the total cost to refinish, which is $1,485.

The cost includes all materials, labor, and color matching. Also, this estimate is based off using the existing hardware, hinges, and drawer guides.

We offer the following services at an additional cost:

  • Pen glazing – $10 per door/drawer front
  • Soft-close hinges – $12 per door installed
  • Full extension drawer guides – $25 per drawer installed
  • Cabinet hardware – $2 per door/drawer installed