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If it’s made of wood, we make it look good! 

Furniture Repair and Restoration in Southern Oregon

Free Local Pickup And Delivery in Grants Pass and Medford

They don't make furniture like they used to

So instead of buying a new, inexpensively made item for your home, let us bring new life to your well loved pieces of furniture.

We specialize in revitalizing and restoring your pieces to their original beauty, or giving them a new look altogether.

We offer free pick up and delivery in Grants Pass and Medford.  Most pieces can be completed and returned in just one week. We can pick up your table on Monday and bring it back the next Monday completely renewed and ready for use.   

The Woodwork King - Southern Oregon Furniture Refinishing Chest Of Drawers BeforeThe Woodwork King - Southern Oregon Furniture Refinishing Chest Of Drawers Before

What about color?

color question

What about color?  Each piece is unique so your color is custom to you.  We can make pieces lighter, darker, solid colors, and as close to the original as possible.  You’ll get to work with our finishing experts to ensure that the color is just what you want.  Just another service we provide for our awesome customers. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Most shops charge anywhere from $100+/hr to refinish or restore furniture. The Woodwork King is efficient, proficient, and has low-overhead, allowing us to perform our high-quality work at a much more affordable price, making furniture restoration possible for you.  We charge just $55 per square foot.  One flat price that won’t vary from our estimate.  Keepin’ it simple. 

Just think about it, you save on cost and receive 100% of the quality work found anywhere in Southern Oregon. We guarantee it! If you’re not satisfied, then neither are we. Remember, when you want it done right, come to The King