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10 yr old Table and Chair set makeover

Kitchen Table and Chair set modernized 

Bryce and Nicole loved the design of their 10 year old table and chair set, but didn’t like the color.  With 5 young children (two sets of twins and an older brother), they needed a durable finish that could withstand the abuse of their active youngsters.  This was a challenging project no doubt.  An 8 foot table with 12 chairs and 4 bar stools seemed daunting at first, but no furniture is too much for TWK.

We first degreased every inch of the pieces.  Then we sanded with 220 grit paper (we love to use our power sanders as much as possible, so any flat surface gets the orbital on it).  We also got to do a significant amount of hand sanding in between rails and rungs on the chairs.  Next we deglossed each surface to ensure adherence of our colored lacquer.  Then we sprayed 3 coats of white (sanding in between each coat) and 2 coats of clear protective lacquer.  And to ensure the durability of the table top and chair seats, epoxy was put down on them giving a beautiful solid finish.  We were so happy with how it all turned out, and as you can see, the set fits much better in the kitchen now.  All in all, the total cost for this project was around $3,000.


 Chair color before

 Table before


  Table and chairs after (so nice!)

 Factory finish right there baby!


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